Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Storms of Life

Can you believe it's already May!?! This year has really been flying past us. It's weird to think that even though it's May, there are parts of the country that are still experiencing winter like weather. Our area has sure had it's fair share of weather minute were in the low 80's and then you blink and it back in the 40's. Early last month our immediate area was affected by a major hail storm. I mean major! Hail was recorded in some parts to be as big as softballs. I can attest to that as I am still trying to get back to some sense of normalcy from the damage. Both my home & vehicle were casualties of the aftermath. It's never fun when you are awakened in the middle of the night to your home being pelted with hail so large & so forceful that it literally sounded like someone had opened fire with an automatic rifle and was waylaying the house. As I walked from room to room, the sound of shattering glass was there to greet me. *Sigh* 

Once everything died down & I was able to fully assess the damages. Two walls of siding on the house were completely destroyed, my roof...oh my roof. It looked as if shingles were smashed into a million pieces & a hole was found on the front area of the roof. Thankfully, the hole didn't go all the way through as to cause a leak, but my less than 4 yr old roof stood there needing to be completely replaced. Windows had been broken out along one side of the house leaving nothing but glass fragments all over the place. 

Then I saw my truck. *an even deeper sigh* The windshield was shattered to the point that there wasn't even a centimeter that you could see through. The hail had hit so powerfully that it ripped...yes, ripped...part of the back passenger frame above the door. It was as if someone took a knife blade and jaggedly ran it inside and out of the metal. Pieces of the windshield trim were broken off. The hood and roof were dented beyond compare. It tore up everything front the top to the sides to the grill. 

                                               (Video footage courtesy of my friend D.H. )
As I looked around the yard, it was as if someone had used my property as a golf course. The hail divots that were left behind were larger and deeper than you can imagine. My walkway & driveway concrete were speckled as if it were hit by paint balls. That wasn't the case though. The white areas were actually where the hail hit so hard that it literally 'cleaned' the cement! I now have polk-a-dot concrete. 

As much damage as I had, I am very fortunate. Many others in the path of the storm faced much worse. My dear friend had water leaking into her home. Even after having a tarp placed over the roof she still is finding new leaks with each rainfall. Everywhere you look, even a month later, there are plenty of hail damaged vehicles on the road, roofers and contractors working overtime, glass companies with waiting lists for replacement's as if a small war broke out over part of the area. Yet, other parts of town were barely affected. 

As heartbreaking as it was & is, GOD has never left my side. What Satan meant for evil, GOD is turning around for HIS glory! While at the time, it feels like there is no way out of a bad situation and I wondered to myself how it could get any worse. Thankfully I have insurance but the repairs, of course, are above and beyond the settlement check amount. So that's extra money out of pocket that was not planned for. My truck was completely totaled, and although there is insurance money that was paid on the claim, to replace a vehicle is no small cost...even when done economically. "LORD, how on earth am I going to be able to get all this taken care of?" I asked. As the days went by, I could see HIS mighty hand at work. It wasn't up to me to figure out how on earth to get it taken care of and find the finances to do it with...GOD already had it under control. HE was working on it here on earth but HE was doing it from the Heavenly realm.
                           (Yes, I had to throw this in there!)
What seemed like weeks of eternity waiting and dealing with adjusters and insurance claim issues, stress, etc. seems to finally have an end in sight. In the last 72 hours GOD has shown HIMSELF faithful, as always. I have to remember, GOD is not on my time schedule nor is HE on yours, but one thing is for certain...HE is always right on time!


Mrs. B, a very peculiar person said...

Oh my goodness! I am so sorry to hear of the hail damage to your home and vehicle. I will pray for quick and budget friendly solutions. I will also praise the Lord with you for the resolutions He is currently bringing about.

Also, the baby shower gifts are PRECIOUS! You are so gifted and creative.


Dixie Lee's Mama said...

Thanks for your prayers Mrs. B....GOD is opening doors that would otherwise have been closed. I am so thankful for HIS grace.