Saturday, April 27, 2013

Baby Shower Crafting

I am not one that particularly cares for giving gifts that you simply wrap in the traditional gift wrap paper and slap a bow on or tossing it into a gift bag and call it a day. Now don't get me wrong, I have been known to do that but it just isn't my favorite and just as any chef would say, "it's not just about the flavor of the meal, it's about the presentation..."

After receiving a baby shower invitation for a dear friend, I began to spin my crafty mind wheels to see what could I give her that would be different. Nowadays, the popular items are diaper cakes. Although I find those to be really cute, I wanted to think outside the "cake box." So here's what I made instead.....

Since we are a Harley loving family & ride as often as we can, I thought the motorcycle was only fitting. I absolutely love the teddy press the left foot and record a message & then press the right foot to play the recording. How neat is that!?! 

Bathtubs are so bulky & rarely get their spotlight in the sun of gifting presentation. So by draping the edges with diapers and washcloths and the touch of a simple ribbon...viola! It didn't take long to make either one but the satisfaction of 'crafting' made it so much fun. 

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