Friday, March 19, 2010

It Takes A Coward To Hide

To the Anonymous poster who lashed out at me and called me "arrogant" because of MY previous post on MY BLOG.....

In regards to those parents who have been blessed with children but have taken the role lightly or not at I see them as worthless in GOD'S But when there are people out there who would not abuse their children, not abandon them, not murder them, not turn them over into a life of slavery be it sexual or other, as those who I am referring to have (read your newspaper or turn on your t.v.)....yet they are not given the blessing of being able to be parents, I just have a hard time dealing with it.

So to accuse me of being "arrogant" for my feelings/statement and to say that I would fail as a parent myself is extremely arrogant on *your* part. If you care to be brash and callous enough to be this rude to me, whom you do not know, via faceless words...maybe you ought to try and be bold enough to leave your true identity instead of hiding behind anonymity.

So to you, whomever you hide and try be without name...let me inform you of something.....I have it clearly stated that I DO NOT publish anonymous comments. Therefore you will note that yours has been disposed of properly. If you care to have the decency to leave your identity then I would be happy to publish your faceless words. However, since you have also forgotten that this is MY BLOG and I have the right to publish and post whatever I want or don't want....maybe you need not read my blog anymore because I will not cower down to your ill mannered attack against my character as a person or parent. You my dear do not know me from adam, so to make your outhouse comments only go to show your true character.


Anonymous said...

Dear Mrs M... I have had the same thing happen to me and have had to post a page on my blogs stating that I will not publish anonymous comments as well. Good or bad... leave me a name and at least give me the opportunity to discuss whatever offended you. I feel for you... Blessings!

Blessed Beyond said...

I"m here to say, I'm a good mom, and it's by the gift of God. I feel you pain and felt it many years without child! And I feel it more so now, because it angers me that there is still so many that would love and care for a child, that is without... These fools do not warrant the words I'd like to say to them! Rest assured, my friend, you would not be a failure as a parent! You do deserve the desires of your heart and I will be praying for you!
Hugs and Love,

cranky grandma said...

Pardon me for my suspicious nature, but if someone got worked up about your truthful heartfelt post, I would venture to say that perhaps they are the type of parents in question. I understood EXACTLY what you meant. You weren't referring to the average everyday parent with noisy kids in the grocery store, you meant the animals who are allowed to walk among us and reproduce. I get it. Your friends get it. Anonymous needs to find something else to do.

T said...

Its your blog and you can and should write whatever you feel like writing. Good for you for giving that person a piece of your mind!

Mrs. M -- (Mosaics From Home) said...

Thank you all for your words of encouragement. It's a shame that there are just those types of people in the world. But your encouragement and support is truly treasured.

Blessings Beyond ~ Thank you so much for your phone call today. You honestly have no idea how much it meant to me and how it still is a source of comfort for me. You have always been the true example of a friend regardless of what we have been through together. I don't think I could ever repay you for what you mean to me.