Wednesday, July 29, 2009

White Elephant Part II

After posting about this room, I was really impressed to just tackle it and see what I could do. First I started with the dreaded closet. I didn't dare take before photos of it, as it was horrible. I mean seriously, I could barely get the door open and fit my foot in there let alone anything else. So first things first...just about everything was pulled out of there and strewn about the bedroom. Now to see what we really needed and didn't, as well as compacting some of the loose items. After a few hours work and good vacuuming, here's a peek at the result...

View looking straight into the closet. There are double full length shelves to the left and a single full length shelf to the right, as well as the clothes rods on all. Everything is neat and tidy. Best of all, there is nothing on the floor and the door can be opened all the way (finally) and you can walk in it with plenty of room. Woo hoo! Hubby even remarked at how well he thought everything turned out.

Now for the room itself...I didn't do a lot in here but I can sure tell a difference. The wooden chest that was next to the computer was taken completely out of the room. In its place, I slid the nightstand from beside the bed over to the desk area to use as a printer stand. It's taller than the chest, yet more compact. This frees up room on the desk itself. The best thing is I can use the drawers for holding paper and other office supplies. Now things are in a concealed place that is super handy. My frugal "re-purposing" idea for the day.

Where the quit rack and nightstand once stood, I now have a chest of drawers in their place. This was a piece that was stored away in the closet....thus one of the many reasons you couldn't get the door open much or move around in there. Now guests will have a place to not only hang their clothing items but dresser space for them too. I then placed a battenburg dresser scarf on top of it, then added the lamp and a few decorations. Notice the floral arrangement? It's writing pens that Hubby made one year that he attached a single stemmed flower to and wrapped with green floral tape. They look just like a bouquet. Well, those were stuffed in a bag in the closet so I pulled them out and used a wooden hand painted letter holder type box for the "vase." Voila! Instant table top arrangement and the cost was absolutely nothing. This would be my frugal, re-purposing tip #2 for the day. *grin*

Like I said, I didn't do a lot in here but the changes are noticeable to me. So what do you think of my easy, cost free semi-makeover? I am pretty happy with it at this point.


The Cranky Grandma said...

You didn't need our help at all! Look how sweet and peaceful that room is! Your guests will feel very calm and rested there! Good job!!!!!!

Keeper of our Home said...

Thank you Cranky G. You know it actually does feel peaceful in here (less the sound of Hubby playing a computer game - grin.) My next thing would be to get a full size bed instead of the twin, but since this is what we have, it'll work for now. For now it's been single guests or friends of DS that av stayed over, so we haven't needed a bigger bed yet.

~Mrs. M

Flat Creek Farm said...

Great transformation ~ and quite simple touches too! Doable! Great job on your re-do... love it! Now, if I could just get past thinking about decluttering, organizing, purging, and so on... and just do it, life would be much better ;-) very inspiring.. thank you for sharing! -Tammy

Lynn said...

I'm so impressed with your organized closet. It's beautiful.

Blessed Beyond said...

The room looks awesome! It has turned out wonderfully! the difference is really noticeable!
Hugs and Blessings,