Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Our White Elephant

I am calling upon my dear readers for help with our white elephant. Ok, it's not actually an elephant, but it is something that I want to tend to. It's our middle bedroom. How can I re-arrange/decorate it without costing anything or nearly anything? It's actually a nice size room but Hubby and DS keep using it to put their overflow of junk in it. I won't dare open the closet as that is a major issue with me as is. I have asked and asked for them to stop hording junk in this room/closet but it has been to no avail. Right now the big eye sore is the wooden chest that DS drug out of his room and stuck in here...with Daddy's help I might add. The internet cable runs to this room so we have to keep the desk and computer in here but the room as a whole is a white elephant to me. Any suggestions and ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Oh, I must note...the window sheers & bed linens are fairly new. I bought them last May, so I want to keep them in there. The rocker is a family heirloom, but if I can find another place in the house to use it I would be happy to remove it from the room.

Here are a couple of images of the room itself with description so you know what I am working with. Thanks in advance and I look forward to your suggestions.

View #1 -- Standing at doorway in hall looking into the room. The bedroom door is on the left in the photo.

View #2 -- Standing where the rocker is in the above photo looking across the bed toward the closet door.

View #3 -- Standing at the head of the bed looking toward the bedroom doorway which is on the right in the photo.

**As for the purpose of the room...for now it's our guest room/computer room until GOD'S perfect timing for us to enlarge our family. Then it will be the baby's room.


The Cranky Grandma said...

Seeing your room reminds me of the teen years when my girls didn't want a bedroom as much as they wanted a pretend apartment! Could you remove the headboard and turn the bed sideways, pushing up against the wall, in daybed fashion? Maybe some pillows along the back so it looks like a couch? It might help inspire you to look at it as more of a college dorm room that way, and the computer desk would look more at home! A couple of bright throw rugs, maybe a red lamp shade to match that adorable chair, or could you paint the nightstand red? Or bright yellow? Put some brightly colored knobs on it?
Do you have any framed pictures hanging around taking up space? If they have any color in them, maybe spray paint the frames red, yellow, blue, or green, and hang them over the desk? You could even replace the contents of your frames with sayings printed right out of that computer!

I used to watch for the "bed in a bag" sales and change the entire room according to the cheapest "bed in a bag". Blue and brown geometrical set on sale for 29.99? Blue and brown it is! Get the spray paint!

Kia said...

Glad to know "blue and brown is in" because that's what color my guest room/craft space is :-)

I agree with the idea of pushing the bed against the wall sideways. You could always put the trunk (if it is to stay in this room) at the foot of the bed.

Color splashes are a great idea, as is the "dorm room" theme. Maybe a cool wall shelf over the desk to hold some of the small things. I'm thinking of one wiht little cubby holes or something similar.

Does this room have a purpose (guest room, or just a spare room, etc.)? Maybe I missed that.

Have run redecorating!

Keeper of our Home said...

Cranky & Kia,

Thank you so much for you wonderful suggestions. I am certainly going to keep them in mind. I appreciate you taking time to offer yor thoughts to me.

~Mrs. M