Sunday, February 22, 2009

Tree Planting

Even though we are waiting for our garden to 'rest' until the soil is ready for planting, it hasn't stopped us from digging in the dirt. We were able to plant our Mission Olive tree & our Pink Satin Pomegranate tree.

(The Olive tree) (Pomegranate tree)

(Climax, Woodard, Tiftblue)

The next thing we need to do is to get our blueberries in the ground. They do best in a raised bed and planted at least 8 feet apart. In order to get good pollination and production you really should have 3 different varieties of blueberries to plant. Three of the favorable to grow in our area that we picked up are Climax, Tiftblue & Woodard. The Climax will be the early producer, the Tiftblue will produce mid season and the Woodard is a late producer. By planting these 3 in particular will help to lengthen our harvest season. So that will be a great benefit. The only thing with blueberries is that you have to be patient as it takes about 4 years for them to produce from the time the bush is planted. Now this is based on if you start with a year old plant, so if you start with an older plant your wait time will be reduced. We are certainly enjoying our land.

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mrshester said...

I'm glad you posted that about the blueberries, I didn't know it took so long for them to produce. I had thought about putting in a couple of fruit trees, but can't decided what!