Sunday, February 22, 2009

Garden Planning Phase 3

Saturday our garden soil mix was delivered ~ all 14 yards of it. We ordered a mix of 10 yards of garden soil & 4 yards of mushroom fertilizer to help raise the garden area. You would think we never saw dirt before by the way we just stood there for a few moments and starred at it after they dumped it out in the area. What a beautiful sight and smell.

Hubby did a great job spreading the soil around and tilling it all in. Boy does he love his tiller! I did help some but he ended up telling me I could just sit it out and he would finish the job. Apparently I wasn't doing it well enough. *geesh...big grin* That's ok though, I took the extra time to mow the dog pen. So I still got to work outside.

We even had our neighborly horse friend peek over to check out the happenings. I just love this beautiful gal. She is such a friendly horse & boy does she look forward to when I go outside. She knows there's plenty of treat time for her when she sees me.

Doesn't this look pretty!?! Our garden is really coming along now. We are going to let the soil breath for a week as it is still pretty 'hot' from the manure. So soon, very soon we will be able to start planting. The only thing left to complete the garden is our material to create our border, but that will be an easy thing to do.


mrshester said...

Gorgeous!! Where do y'all live? I'm guessing it's somewhere warmer than I at the moment :) Nevermind, you don't have to answer that :) Oh I can't wait to get outside in the dirt...I finally got to start some seeds and their happy green heads are just as excited as I am. At least they seem that way to me :)

Love your background ;) And love you too sister!

Mrs. B, a very peculiar person said...

I plan to dig around in the dirt this week too. Our weather seems to be warming up a little faster than usual.

Mrs. B

Blessed Beyond said...

The Garden looks great! And I love your horse friend! We have some horse friends too, and they know I am bringing treats too. What treats do you deliver her? I take carrots mostly to Buddy. He loves them. Your garden really is coming along.
Hugs and Blessings,