Monday, February 16, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook 2-16-09

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For today...

Outside my window ~ is the beautiful sight of our
freshly tilled garden area

I am thinking ~ that we used to celebrate Washington's
b-day & Lincoln's they have done a mass
collection and rolled them all into one 'holiday'..why?

I am thankful for ~ the great time I had with my Hubby
this weekend; even though he had to work both
Saturday & Sunday

From the kitchen ~ homemade strawberry jam

I am wearing ~ jeans & a light blue t-shirt

I am reading ~ the current issue of "Mother Earth News"

I am hoping ~ that we will be able to buy a piece of
property we have our eye on

I am creating ~ a list of things that I want to get taken
care of this week

I am hearing ~ the sound of my Hubby hooking up
the blue-ray player to the t.v. in the family room

Around the house ~ Washing the bed linens, cleaning
the master bathroom, organizing the spare bedroom

One of my favorite things ~ is solitude, peace & quiet

A few plans for the rest of the week ~ calling
our Realtor about the property we are interested in,
making a dental appointment, searching the internet to
make vacation reservations for this summer

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you ~

(Photo Courtesy of Vesta Italian Villas)


Treasia said...

I really enjoyed reading your daybook this morning. As well as a few of your other posts. I am bookmarking you and coming back later. BTW, thanks for stopping by my blog as well. You're now in the drawing for the prize I'm giving away this Friday.

Jo said...

Found you through the daybook linky - thanks for sharing. It sounds as though you've been conned out of a day's holiday there... but I don't suppose you can do anything about it. The photo is absolutely beautiful - I'm guessing you're hoping to go there on vacation, so I hope you manage to find somewhere wonderful to go.

Best wishes,

Evening Shade Morning Latte said...

Treasia ~

Thank you for entering me in your contest. I did not realize you had one going on right now. ut thank you for allowing me to enter. How sweet of you.

Jo ~
Thanks for visiting me. As far as President's day's not the lack of an extra holiday that concerns me it's the bulking together of things. I am surprised they haven't just bulked together CHRISTmas & Thanksgiving. You know what I mean? Then of course there are holidays that have been negated completely like Texas Independence Day. Now for any other state no this will not make a hill of beans to them but why were Texans robbed of this important calendar event? Again not looking for a holiday for time off work but for recognition of the sacrifices made to make Texas independent. I guess maybe I am one a handful that thinks we still need to honor the historical markings that made our country who it was (when it was based on morals and accountability.)

Just my two cents worth here...

Jerralea said...

Solitude, peace and quiet are important to me as well. I enjoyed your daybook and picture. God bless!