Monday, February 16, 2009

The Forbidden Fruit

The other day my Dad & I went to a local garden nursery. Even though it's still a little early for the nurseries to start stocking their Spring plants, we wanted to enjoy a few Father/Daughter moments together and get a few ideas.

As we walked around the fruit tree area we both spied the lemon trees. After looking at the tag we realized it wasn't just any lemon tree, it was a lemon-quat tree (a cross between lemon and loquat.) We had tasted each variety before but never in a cross variation so my Dad plucked one off the tree and cut it in half for us to sample. Boy was this a tasty treat.

I thought for a moment as we were 'sampling' the fruit that I would sure like to plant one of these and try my hand at it. So Dad plucked another fruit from the tree and we took it home to harvest the seeds from it. When I arrived back home I took the fruit out and began to tell Hubby about the flavor and of course show him the fruit itself. Lo and behold on one side of the fruit was a huge gaping insect hole! Hubby grinned and called it the forbidden fruit. *grin*

I guess this was the LORD'S way of telling me that I shouldn't take without asking. After asking the LORD for forgiveness I felt better about trying to harvest the seeds. I guess I need to pray for extra blessing over this tree when it's planted. *smile* Until next time...

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Farrah said...

Oh, wow! I have never heard of such! Thank you for visiting me! Hope you have a wonderful day!