Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Wednesday Wrap Up

Tonight we stopped off at the home repair big box store to pick up a few items & to price some projects that are on the list for 2016. Of course the girls went with us. They just love going on outings with us.

I had a hard time getting little miss darling out of her pajamas this morning.  She just loves to lounge around the house.

It's hard to believe tomorrow is New Year's Eve. This year really seemed to fly by quickly. I guess as we get older this feeling seems to grow. As a child I always heard adults talk about time going by so fast,  but never understood it. Now that I'm older I can totally relate to this. It certainly makes you realize what is truly important and what can go by the wayside. So as we prepare to enter into this new year, take time to evaluate things. Maybe you need to declutter your home or possibly your spiritual life needs decluttering...I know I can always use a good spiritual clean up...whatever it is that the Lord is leading you to do in 2016 take it to heart. God is not going to lead you wrong.

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