Friday, September 13, 2013

Pride & Relationship

It's an early rise morning, so while waiting for the laundry to wash I turned on the t.v. to watch "I Love Lucy." Being a re-run you may recall the episode where Lucy & Ethel buy Mrs. Hansen's dress shop and then try to hide the fact from their husbands. Upon change of ownership, the first squabble they have is over the new name of the store. Each thought their name should be first on the store sign. What would prompt such a disagreement...pride!

We all want to shine to some degree but at what cost? Granted, the Lucy-Ethel dilemma was resolved rather quickly.....after all, the show only last 30 minutes! (Haha) However, in real life, pride can cause one to hold on to a simple disagreement and allow it to blow out of proportion needlessly. Relationships, be it a friendship, business partnership or even a marriage can suffer severe damage or even demise all over the issue of pride.

Pride can hinder our view & oft times becomes a form of idolatry. When we focus on ourselves with pomp pride, we may not realize it, but we are putting ourselves on a pedestal. When the focus is on ourselves, we loose sight of what the LORD may be trying to do for you or through you. Therefore, causing us to become our idol.

Some of the most difficult things you can say are, "I'm sorry," "I was wrong," "Will you forgive me?" How do I know they're difficult? Because I don't always like to admit when I'm wrong & if your honest with yourself, I'm sure it's something you don't like admitting to either. That's okay...we're all human. But we can't let our pride take over & dominate us. The sooner we learn to put pride in it's proper place, the sooner relationships can begin to heal.

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