Friday, October 5, 2012

Halloween Trick or Treat

I just love Fall and all that it evokes. Now granted, I am not into the satanist undertone that Halloween can bring with it, but I admit, I do love the candy and some of the decorations. So when I made a trip to Dollar General, I couldn't pass on picking up some goodies to make a treat tray for my sweetie to take to work. The rubber rats, squirting eyeballs and glow in the dark fangs that you fill with candy 'blood' are my favorite!!   
There's nothing that makes me crave a snack as to see a tray full of eyeballs and rats looking back at me. 
The skeleton garland is certainly festive. The skeletons are a great public service display to show what we could look forward to with Owe-bama-care! Haha! 
I love my little rubber rat that looks as if he is eating his way through the Oreo cookie. He's even wearing a broken piece of the chocolate cookie as a hat. How cool is he!?!

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