Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Time Marches On

Life changes so quickly....whether we want it to or not. Changes can be either good or bad but ultimately if we trust the LORD through it all, HE will sustain us and use it for HIS greater glory. 

As I reflect on the past several years, a smile covers my face. The road of life brought with it many twists, turns, highs, lows, good times & not so good times. No matter what season I went through, I can see now that the hand of GOD was all over every step I took. It may not have been clearly seen at time but now...now I can see it more vividly.  

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I count nothing as a loss, instead I see it as a learned experience. I can honestly say that I have grown personally, spiritually, emotionally & mentally because of the roads I have traveled. People, both family & friends, have come and gone from my life but regardless, I am thankful for having them in my life and well, to be honest...I am thankful to the LORD for removing those from my life that HE saw fit.

Everyday I am awakened to the greeting of new opportunities. I am so blessed that the LORD continually holds my hand and more importantly, HE holds my heart. I may not know what lies ahead for me, but I do know that the LORD directs and orders my every step. Apart from YOU, LORD, I am nothing. Thank YOU for YOUR unfailing love.

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