Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Homemade Baby Wipes

One of my dear friends is expecting her second baby in a few months, so this got me to thinking about how costly baby supplies are. So in order to cut costs where you can, here's a time tested recipe that works well and saves money.

1 roll of paper towels (premium soft, absorbent are best)
1 plastic container with tight fitting lid
1 Tblsp. baby oil
2 Tblsp. liquid baby bath soap
2 c. water

Cut roll of towels in half. Remove cardboard tube from towels. Place towels into the plastic container. Mix baby oil, soap and water together in a small bowl. Stir to mix well. Pour solution into container and place lid on tightly. Towels will absorb the liquid solution. Use wipes as needed.


Ronda said...

Mornin Sweetie,

Ive made these them!

Love & Prayers,

Caitydid said...

Hi there!
I love this. Two of my friends have little ones. One of them is about 14 months old and likes to eat baby wipes. :P
This was a great idea. So now my friend doesn't have to worry about her son getting sick from eating what ever in in regular baby wipes. :) Thanks so much for this!!