Monday, September 13, 2010


As I listened to a friend talk I noticed a constant in her conversation. Regardless of the topic, all I heard from her was negativity and dwelling on the past. She consistently spoke against the church she once was a member of. Not having been in attendance at the former church for a long while now, this person spoke about things that happened way back when as if they had just occurred today. People that she once had unpleasant encounters with are brought back up and relived in the moving picture of her words. Instead of living in the present, her life revolves around the past. I realize that we all react differently to situations, but just because you want to live in the mire and the muck of days & events that have long past....don't think others want to go down that road with you. There comes a time in everyone's life where you have to make the choice to pull yourself up by your bootstraps and move on, or you can choose to stay in the pit of constant complaint. But don't be surprised if you go down that road alone.

When you leave something or somewhere, don't dwell on things. If your not at that particular place anymore, then chances are what goes on there now doesn't concern you... LET IT GO!

People will come and go in your life and that's ok, but if they are no longer a apart of your present, don't continually rehash things or events that once involved them....LET IT GO!

You have tried your best to help someone but they continually go back to the same thing they needed help from in the first place. Don't let them drain you of your precious energy and time....LET IT GO!

Yes it hurts when a loved one has done you wrong, but will it change things or make it better by harboring angst against them or will it only bring you down.....LET IT GO!

Things didn't work out like you expected them to....LET IT GO!

If others don't or won't accept you for who you are, you can either let them get to you or you can....LET IT GO!

No matter what the situation, we all have a choice....we can either stress ourselves out over things that don't really matter in the grand scheme of life or we can release it and move on. If we choose to allow others and things to dictate how we feel, the only person that gets hurt in the long run is you. So I encourage you to re-evaluate the things in your life that truly matter and focus on them. Everything else can be tossed out with the trash. The choice is yours.


lisa said...

Thank you....(((HUGS)))I really needed to read it for all the things you wrote about...Have a wonderful week..Lisa

Linda said...

Thank-you for this post. I am struggling with this problem. I catch myself so many times ,living in the past is what my husband calls it.I needed the reminder. God bless!

Lady Rose said...

This was definately a post that I needed to hear. Sometimes in life, we really do need to "let things go," and move-on with our lives, although sometimes, this can be a difficult process.

Thank you for sharing this. I'm thinking about making a blog post regarding links to good blog articles. If I decide to do that, I would like to make a link to this post. Is this okay with you?

-Lady Rose

Mrs. M said...

Lady Rose,
Most certainly you can link this post or any other for that matter. I appreciate you asking. Have a great day!

~Mrs. M

Shell said...

You know I understand your point. Carrying on in about the past is depressing, and it is awlful to be around someone who is always dreary and down.

But I hope that you didn't misread this person. Sometimes our lives have negative people who remind us of negative times. Sometimes having someone to talk to about and listen without speaking is a great blessing. It keeps your sanity and can help "straighten" your thinking in a healthier way.

Well meaning,

Travels With Uncle Sam said...

What a good exhortation; I'll look forward to reading your blog.