Thursday, July 15, 2010

Just Because You Require It Doesn't Mean I Have To Do It

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So back when the 2010 Census was mailed out to us, we filled it out and mailed it back. That was months ago. So tonight I have a census worker knock at our door to have us fill out the census with her. I inform her that we have already done this and mailed the form back in way back when. She is persistent that we still have to fill it out with her. I again tell her that we have already done this and that I see no reason that we have to do it again. Then I am told that there have been several census that have been completed and returned but have been "lost" in the processing, so they are now needing us to give her our information and re-fill the form out. I really don't think so. Census worker or not, I am not giving anyone my information...personal or generic...just because they say I am required to do so. I did my part in the beginning to send the form back. If they lost it, then not my problem.

Can we say this is just another example of our government dollars being put to good use!?! Not hardly.


Mrs. B, a very peculiar person said...

I too filled out our census. On the form I only provided the number of people living at our residence - the other information is none of thier business & in my opinion, continues to promote an air of discrimination in our land.
A couple months later, as I suspected I would, I found a census worker at my door claiming my census was not received. I told the worker I had mailed it in months ago. I then provided the number of people living at our address and then politly informed her that was all the information I was legally required AND the ONLY information I was willing to provide. Fortunately, the worker did not press for more informaiton.
It is so very irritating that or government has spent over $1 billion dollars taking the U.S. census and, as usual, has managed to messed it up, like everything else they touch, thus costing us tax payers even MORE money. FRUSTRATING.

Carrie of Farming On Faith said...

I so agree with you!

Barbara said...

Yes we too filled it out sent it in, and only the info with name age and number in home, that is all they need, anything extra is just nonsense and they do not need it, it is much like the rules here and the rules there, all making our life much more complex than it was intended to be. Have a blessed day and yep you did good.

cranky grandma said...

I agree in spirit with all of you, but I answer any and every question they ask simply because I want as much "federal" advantage as we can get! They use the numbers to decide whether or not you're eligible for aid in many areas - schools, water systems, infrastructure, etc etc.

I have applied for many grants in our community, and sadly, that's the game! So, again, I agree in spirit, but in logic I want to get all we can get!