Sunday, July 18, 2010

Don't Discount The Value Of Coupons

How many times have you clipped out your coupons with the intent to use them at your next market trip only to leave them at home and think, "eh what's the use....I'm not going to save that much by using them." You would be surprised at how much your savings can really add up too.

Everything I bought in the picture above would have cost me $41.22 (incl. tax) without my coupons. But by using them my out of pocket total was only $8.30 (incl. tax).

I also went to another grocery store and picked up 4 boxes of cereal that would have cost me $14.04 but using the Kellogg coupons I was sent, my out of pocket cost was $0.00!

Next I went to Kroger to do the bulk of my shopping. My total out of pocket was $203.43 for two months worth of groceries. Had I not used my coupons I would have spent $261.24. That's a savings of $57.81....All total I ended up saving $104.77!

The moral of the story....never discount the value of your coupons.


Mrs Happy Homemaker said...

Coupons - I never leave home without em! I have a binder full of them, & always bring them 'just in case'.

The Patch Craft said...

Wow I wish we had them here, I would love to save on the shopping