Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Paintball Vandalism

This is what happens when kids who are clearly unsupervised nor properly parented are allowed to roam the streets without any discipline.

Yes, I do firmly believe that there are some parents that really need to get in reality and wake up!! If their child is capable, equipped and allowed to do this....there's no telling where it will end. But alas, there is always an excuse from the lips of some parents to totally negate the fact that their child is acting like a hoodlum but instead pass the blame on somewhere else. I really am not one to wish ill on another but maybe it would be a good thing for some of these kids to sit in a real jail cell with the motley crew that you find in there. No parent or other adult to bail them out...let them pay the price for their actions. Maybe, just maybe it might wake the kids up. But unfortunately, some are just continually allowed to get away with this conduct and worse with no accountability.

Less than 2 hours later we have round two of the vandalism. This one was extremely close to our vehicle. Sad thing is, our outside lights were all on and this still happened. This goes to prove that thugs are not scared by anything. All I have to say is pray they don't let me catch them because I will not play nice and charges will definitely be filed.


cranky grandma said...

I have a question.... what kind of parent would allow a child to OWN one of these things? The only thing that you can do with a paintball GUN is shoot something! Kids don't have the maturity to understand how upsetting and costly this kind of damage is.

If a paintball gun is a necessity these days, what's next? A handgun?

They whine - you hand it to them. What if they want a grenade? A pipe bomb? If they whine enough can they have that, too?

God help us all.

THE ONLY Mrs. Daniel Strain said...

well what would happen at MY house is i would get my 12 Gauge shot gun out and load that puppy up with some rock salt and i would raise my garage door up just a crack so i could see out and lay on the floor and when they started shooting i would return fire aiming for their rear ends as they run.. IT WORKS WELL!!! My dad did this to a guy who was trying to brake in to our shed.. or just stand by the door and put the gun out the mail slot..

Mrs. B, a very peculiar person said...

Paintball is a fun "sport" that many youngsters AND thier dads/parents participate in. There are paintball facilities/venues where this "sport" is intended to be played. Paintball was NEVER intended to be "played" outside these designated facilities. Why? because of the possible damages to personal property.

The paintball gun or sport isn't the problem or issue. The problems are a lack of respect for other people and property, a lack of a basic knowledge of right and wrong (or maybe, just a seared conscience regarding right and wrong) AND a lack of personal accountability for one's actions.

The parents who "turn a blind eye" or "bailout" these sorts of youngsters are at the ROOT of the problem(s).

Sadly, these youngsters will most likely grow up and have to learn some very hard life lessons because thier parents were too cowardly or self absorbed to actually parent/discipline these children.

I am sorry your beautiful home was vandalized. I hope that you and your husband will be able to find out who did this. I also hope you all will press forward and decide to file criminal vandalism charges against those who are guilty and the courts/law will REQUIRE these YOUNGSTERS (not thier parents) to make restitution. Why the youngsters? If the parents pay the fines, etc., for the children, then the children will only learn that someone else will be held accountable for thier negative actions/crime(s). These children will then go on to commit other and possibly more dangerous crimes against our communities.

If parents aren't going to monitor/parent/discipline thier children, then children guilty of crimes need to be treated as the criminals they are ... regardless of their age.