Sunday, February 7, 2010

Homespun Simplicity...Maintenance Plan

(Photographer Sfarson)

Have you ever been out for a drive to enjoy the scenery either in your own town or on vacation, and noticed that amongst the beautiful landscape you always seem to find one constant no matter where you go....dilapidated abandonment. The image I shared above was taken by Sfarson, who, while out on a motorcycle trip through rural Missouri, happened upon it. By looking at the neglected exterior you are only left to imagine what it might have looked like long ago when it was in it's former beauty. Even still the home has a unique beauty hidden amongst the overgrown weeds, rotted boards and debris. But none the less, it doesn't compare to what it once was nor to what it could be. Months and years of neglect have left it in the shape it is. How terribly sad for this once stately home.

(Image Source)

It's a common understanding that no matter what the building may be...a home, a Church, an office building or a barn...proper upkeep and regular maintenance is needed to keep it in good condition. It's when we neglect this crucial foundation that little problems left unaddressed can grown until they have eaten away at the core and cause grave damage. When a home has been well maintained and cared for, it can withstand to the best of it's capability, the trials of any storm. There may be some damage left in the aftermath, but it is usually far less than that which could have been had the structure not been cared for and regularly maintenance given all along.

The same holds true for people. If we take time to regularly maintain and care for our spirit, when life's storms and trials come along, we may get shaken slightly or have a bit of aftermath left on us, but we are not knocked down unable to stand. But if day after day we neglect our spiritual life & foundation, one small storm can shake us to our very foundation and cause us to collapse. Can you imagine then what a big storm might do to us!?!

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hat are you doing to maintain your spiritual life against the daily trials and storms that will rear their head and try to come against you? If you don't have a maintenance plan in effect yet, may I suggest you start one today!?! Pull out your Bible, blow the dust off and open it. This is your complete owners maintenance manual. You'll find everything you need within each page.


LizBeth said...

Best maintenance manual there is! ~Liz

Grammy Blick said...

Our owner provided a great manual. I've heard people say "That's not in there" before they even check for it. Sure it doesn't mention cars, but it does tell us how to be when we drive!

Carrie of Farming On Faith said...

I so agree with you. It takes work to be were we should be with God.
I hope all is going well with you dear friend.
Have a great day!
Valentine Blessings~