Sunday, February 7, 2010

Let's Get To The Root of Things

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Have you ever had a person tell you "I'll pray for you?" I'm not referring to a situation where you might be feeling under the weather or anything like that. I'm talking about those circumstances where another "feels" like you need prayer because they don't agree with a decision you've made or they don't like something you are doing. It's not that you have chosen to do something that is negative, bad or's simply a matter that it's not what the other person wants you to do or think.

A few weeks ago I made a decision that was for the benefit of my spiritual life and when I informed a fellow Christian & church member about this, immediately I was told, "I'll just pray for you." I have no problem with someone praying for me, but to tell me this with the undertone as if they were scolding me because they didn't agree with my choice...I don't really think I need or want that prayer going out over me. No thank you, I'll pass on that.

Then Mr. M & I had to make a decision regarding something and we heard the same response as earlier & from again a fellow Christian..."we'll pray for you both." Funny thing is...the same 'reprimanding' tone was attached to it.

Romans 8:1 KJV "There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit."

When people want you to do things their way, believe just as they believe and hop when they say hop but yet you don't, they get bent out of shape. Why is this so? After all, didn't GOD create us all as unique individuals? The last time I looked, I wasn't the clone of someone else....I was me...little 'ol me. So that being said, why do others (Christian & non Christian) always feel the need to place undue condemnation on others just because they are making choices that are in the best interest of their spiritual walk and family position (but don't line up with the outsiders thought pattern)?

When you have a little child that is still in their learning and molding years, it's necessary to sometimes reprimand them for doing something that is wrong or harmful to themselves or possibly others. We've all had our little look or tone that we have used with our children that let them know we disapprove of something. Why do we do this? Because as parents or care-givers, we love and care about that child and want only the best for them. So we correct them when need be...but it is done out of love. Often times, adults try and treat other adults in the same if they are a child who has to be scolded if they think outside of the other person's box. Seldom is this ever done because of pure love for the other it's a case of something far from it. It never ceases to amaze me when this occurs. It could be over anything...something minute on up to something huge. What I think is hilarious are those situations where something is no more the business of an outsider than the man in the moon but yet they have to put their two cents worth in on it and they were never even asked for their opinion.

When a family unit (husband & wife) make a choice/stand that is ultimately for the good of their family, who are you to balk against it? If you see a family making choices that are geared to strengthening their family bond and unity within it's own borders, who are you to judge them for it? I have experienced a situation where a family unit was being ripped apart at the seams and instead of trying to work on things as a family, the blame game was being played. The bits and pieces of this crumbling family were being left for all to see (they made sure they told everyone outside the home all the details...again in blame game fashion.) But yet, they see another family trying to strengthen their foundation and they feel they need to put their thoughts in on things because they don't agree with their choices in certain aspects. Excuse me??? If one would look at their own home, they would clearly see that they don't need to give advice in this area right now...especially when it wasn't asked for.

I end with this...if you truly feel the need to pray someone, and it is not because they are differing from your thought process...then with sincere love feel free to pray for them. However, if you are merely trying to scold them and use prayer as your tool of reprimand...I would ask you to stop, take a clear look at the broad picture and re-evaluate yourself. In other words, get to the root of things and find out why you personally feel the need to try and place undue condemnation on another. Most importantly, repent of it and ask the LORD for forgiveness and do it no more.

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Farmgirl Cyn said...

I think it is manipulation on their part....trying to get you to see it "their" way, which must be the "right" way.
Excellent post and much food for thought!