Wednesday, December 2, 2009

How Corporate Stole CHRISTmas ... Part 3

So after numerous calls and voice messages I was finally able to talk to someone in Guest Relations (prompt #6 on the phone system) at 3:11pm today. This person stated to me that she didn't have any information on this as it was "being looked into by the legal department to see if this was the right decision" and that it was only brought to her attention just a few hours ago. I asked if this was a site specific target or if it was a blanket decision for every Ryan's location. She had no comment on that. She asked if I wanted her to follow up on this and call me back, I said "why of course, yes." She asked my name and before I finished she immediately asked if I was the one who sent the pictures. I said, it sure could have been as I was there, took photos of the removed decorations and did share them with numerous people to draw attention to this situation. She quickly said, "I have your phone number as ****** is that correct?" I said yes and was then told that she would get back with me. Funny thing is, unless it was on the caller I.D. or taken from the message I sent them last night from their website, she would have not know what my call back number was. So....can I surmise from this that the proverbial ball has been set in motion so we shall wait and see what they respond back with.

Now get this...I was not able to send photos on the comment form that I used from the website to contact, this means that the power of the keystroke has certainly been working somehow to reach them. Never let a rock cry out in your place, HE'S worthy of all our praise!

I did go back to this particular Ryan's location and spoke with the manager about the events of last night and today. The manager was very appreciative of my efforts and took notes of whom I spoke with at corporate. The manager did say that the decision was solely corporate and not theirs. I questioned the Church of the Week bulletin board and was told that corporate does not need to approve this and that this was the decision of this location to support the Church's. So I want to make sure that it is very clear...this Ryan's location was NOT the source or in support of the removal of the decorations, it was solely that of corporate. I commend the employees and managers of this location in their efforts.

ask this...if I choose to put up green & red decorations during the month of December, is this "pushing" CHRIST on another person? I think not. But by being dictated to that I can't display the decorations, that is oppression in a heavy form & I am now being "pushed" by another of their beliefs or lack of. Just a thought...


cranky grandma said...

Wow! You go, girl!!!

Simply Heart And Home said...

Hooray for your persistence! It is so sad that there are people that want to ruin Christmas for others.