Tuesday, December 1, 2009

How Corporate Stole CHRISTmas

(The tree that once stood in full decoration when we walked in)

(The entry decorations that were being boxed back up)
This evening we decided to go out for dinner at Ryan's. As we entered the building I noticed one of the employees working on the CHRISTmas tree in the front window and another standing near a box of decorations. I thought nothing much of it, so we proceeded with our meal order and then went to our table.

(One of the gift wrapped pictures that had been hung on the
wall but now was being ordered to be removed)

As we sat there eating I remarked to my Hubby that I thought it was a neat idea for the restaurant to "gift wrap" the existing pictures on the walls. No sooner than I said that our waitress came over to our table and asked if we would be interested in calling the Ryan's corporate office to ask them to allow the restaurant to keep their CHRISTmas decorations. We inquired as to what she meant and we were told that the corporate office had told the manager that all CHRISTmas decorations needed to be remove immediately. I asked if they were given a reason why and she wasn't sure so she asked her manager. The manager said he had no clue why as he was never given a reason only an order to remove the decor immediately.

(The next set of decorations that were to be removed)
While we were there we witnessed the employees removing the CHRISTmas decorations that in every year previously had been allowed to be displayed. With long faces, and heavy hearts the employees on duty slowly removed each wreath, garland and gift wrap from the establishment. The air hummed with both employee and customer voices that all questioned as to why this was being ordered by the corporate office. The manager even stated to one customer, "I don't know why but would like to know myself."

(A wreath that had adorned the wall but
now awaits being boxed back up)

As our family sat there watching this happen in front of us, each of us picked up our cell phones and began to call the corporate office phone number. Of course all we were able to reach was the office recording, so we left a message and are planning to call back in the morning to speak to someone about this. We were not the only ones calling at that time, there were others at tables near us that we could see, who had picked up the slip of paper the waitresses handed out with the corporate phone number, and were making their own calls about this issue.

I am very curious as to why this is being ordered. It has never been an issue in all the years that they have been open. I plan to ask if they can give me a reasonable answer for this. I certainly hope they are not doing this to be P.C. (politically correct) and to avoid "offending" anyone, as that seems to be the norm nowadays. Either way, I do plan to let them know that they have offended someone by this demand...they have offended me!

(Ryan's Church of the Week bulletin board)
Here's a bit of irony though...as you walk out of the restaurant you will notice a bulletin board for business cards that they select to display in honor for the week. What type of business board is this? Ryan's Church of the Week board. So if they won't allow CHRISTmas in the building, my question to them is why would they promote a Church of the week but not CHRISTmas? Wouldn't this be contradictory?

So Ryan's Corporation....tomorrow I plan to ask you, "Why are you trying to steal CHRISTmas?"

For anyone else that may want to ask them the same thing...feel free to give them a call at 1-800-603-5133.


Grammy Blick said...

I attempted to make a comment/question on their website (wanted to do it while the question was right in front of me) but it requires a location. Would you be kind enough to mention the store's location? There's not one in our area that I can use as an example. Thanks for considerting it.

Keeper of our Home said...

Grammy ~
I would be happy to share the location with you. I will be happy to send you an email with the information.

~Mrs. M

Blessed Beyond said...

Thank you for sharing! This is horrible!

Blessed Beyond said...

I'v been away and I come back to the very first post I read being this. This sickens me. I am calling right now. Can you please share the location....

~bakinghomesteader~ said...

Wow...that's all I have to say. :(

Anonymous said...

Aww, how awful! Hope things get worked out very soon, and Christmas is able to be celebrated there amongst Ryans' employees and patrons again!

Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

PC police at work...it just makes me sick to see how the folks who can do anything about this just sits by and says well we don't want to get sued so we just won't do it...Bah..humbug....They need to be reminded Jesus is watching and taking names...