Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday Final Wrap Up

Hubby & I ventured back out to the stores this afternoon and surprisingly the crowds were still down. Traffic wasn't any worse than your typical weekend scene so getting around wasn't too much of a hassle. We didn't really buy anything else so we ended up doing very well on our spending. The day ended with a trip to Petco where I found something I just couldn't pass up...a new outfit for our very well privileged indoor Rat Terrier.

Is this not the most adorable thing ever!?! The green letters sparkle giving it that extra "awww" factor. When I put it on her she got so excited to be wearing her new clothes. I have to admit our little one is very much a ham when it comes to any type of attention. But I guess I wouldn't have her any other way.

On another note...last night I took some time out to work on a Christmas quilt throw that I am making for a friend at Church. I was surprised that I got as far as I did on it, especially since I hadn't cut one piece of fabric out on it until then. I think it turned out pretty nice thus far. I really like the fabric colors that her daughter picked out for it.

Once we got home, I pressure canned several jars of turkey and ham stock that I was making from our Thanksgiving carcasses. I had them cooking on low all night and day in crockpots, so needless to say, it turned out to be some really well flavored stock. Now that things are cleaned and back in order I think it's time to reward myself with a glass of iced tea and a handful of double stuff oreo's.

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Simply Heart And Home said...

That elf outfit is adorable! I wish my little Miss Matilda Bear would wear clothes. She does not care for them at all. She tries to pull them off.