Monday, September 28, 2009

Yippee!! I Won!

I can hardly believe it...I won!!! Carrie at
Farming On Faith held a Fall
give-a-way for one of her homemade
candles...and I won!!! I am so excited.
Just this morning I was thinking that I sure
would like to have something fall-ish to
set out in the house to add to what I
have already & then a little bit later, I found
out I won this beautiful candle. Thank you so
much Carrie for hosting this wonderful give-a-way.


Dawn said...

Wooohooo a candle! Huge candle addict here! What scent is it?

I had fall stuff I put out last year and I can't recall for the life of me where it's at now. I thought I might have put it with the Christmas stuff (I hope not because I am not going through that mess), but hubby says he thinks it's in the hallway closet so I will have to have a look see once chores are done to see if I can locate my stuff. =)

Monday blessings from Texas ~


Renee said...