Friday, September 25, 2009

It's A Great Day

This morning proved to be a very productive day. All week I have been trying to get my home keeping and market shopping done but my schedule was changed due to some unplanned events. Yesterday I finally got the house in order so I was free this morning to do my shopping. Since we are almost at the end of September, I wanted to start picking up my groceries for October. So, I went to two different stores to pick up the specials that I had on my list and/or a coupon for. Granted we will have to pick up a few items during the month of October like cat litter, pet food, and such but with our existing pantry & freezer inventory added to what I got today makes our total expenditure for October's groceries...$86.32. I was so thrilled to have all that done by 9:45am.

Since I was in the area of the thrift store, I stopped off to see if there were any goodies that I just couldn't pass up on. Wouldn't you just know it, this is the second week in a row that I have gone in and found something. Unlike last week I actually went with a purpose in mind. I have still been wanting a denim skirt but haven't found any. You can imagine my excitement when I was perusing one of the racks and right there hung a lovely denim skirt. I quickly checked the size and tried it on. Bingo! It fit. I was so happy. I just love the crochet accent at the bottom of the skirt. I found another skirt and a casual top that I really liked as well, so...for $10.67 I walked out a happy camper. Happy Friday everyone!


momstheword said...

Wow, that is awesome! I would really love to know what meals you are planning. Do you have them posted anywhere?

I was telling talking to my hubby about the grocery budget. He doesn't like me to get "to frugal," he says I become to tight.

He likes to be able to feel like he can buy a coffee now and then without feeling guilty.

Anyway, I want to cut down and do better than we are. We have some repairs coming up and I think we're going to have to replace our car pretty soon too (hubby said it's looking that way).

I will have to come back later and poke around your blog when I have more time. I haven't been following you long so much of it is new to me.

Keeper of our Home said...

MomsTheWord ~

Thank you for visiting with me. I am so glad that you were here. As for menu plans online, I don't have them posted but...that is actually something I was planning on adding to my blog in the near future. So please do check back as you never know what I might have in store next. *grin*

~Mrs. M

Jessica said...

Just stumbled upon your blog, and I really like it! That's amazing that you only spent that much on October's groceries...I think I could take a lesson or two from you! I always seem to overspend on my groceries!

Deb said...

~Mrs M,

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. It's always nice to know when people stop by.

I used to be so good with the coupons/shopping, but then life got way too busy and I've not been keeping up with it.

I would love to know your menu plan as well. Always looking for different ideas---we tend to get in a rut of the same things over and over again.