Friday, September 4, 2009

Fall Spruce Up

After an all day clean spree Wednesday, I finally have our home as clean and organized as I could get it. I'm sure there are still things that I need to tend to, but for's pretty good to us. I was able to get the fall decorations down from the attic and start dressing up our home. Just a few things here and there really do make a difference.

When you're decorating, remember that you don't always have to go out and buy things. As Cindy would say, "Shop at Home First!" This is exactly what I did. For our mantle, I normally place a few candle accents but this year, I decided I wanted a mantle scarf. Ok, I knew what I had in mind that I thought would be perfect and then it dawned on me...that's a good idea but I don't have a mantle scarf. Instead I did have some pretty linen table napkins that belonged to our dear, sweet Aunt B. These are the prettiest things ever to me. They have just a light accent of battenburg lace trim on one edge. So given a little fold over and voila! Instant mantle scarf. Now I could change up my fall decorations for this area. Wow! It's a whole new look than ever before.

I couldn't pass up using the sofa pillows I made last year.

We were recently re-introduced to some lovely end tables that also belonged to Aunt B, so those found new life in the living room along with a few decorated touches. I just love them. They are so beautiful & even though she is home with the LORD, it feels as if Aunt B is still with us.

The kitchen is always a place that I love to decorate. Again, with the mindset that I did not want the same old look with a lot of little touches here and there, I decided I would focus on one central area. So our baker's rack has now been turned into our fall focal point. I simply took a remnant of fall fabric and draped it on the baker's rack to provide a backdrop. Then I placed a few items of the shelves and used some of my fall Gooseberry Patch cookbooks to decorate with as well. You'll be surprised at what you have around the house that can easily be used to decorate with. My final addition was the crystal cake plate that my Mother gave me. I tied a pretty fall ribbon to the top of it and presto!

The dining room got a light touch of fall as well. Oh, how I love to sit down to dinner and see the colors of a new season.

I placed a few fall arrangements, that we had from previous years, in each of the bathrooms as well. So now when we walk through our home we can relish in the Fall feeling. It warmed up some again in our weather so unfortunately the a/c was turned back on. So even though summer is still trying to hang on outside, inside it's a cozy fall day that's just perfect for curling up with a hot cup of cocoa and the latest issue of Country Woman magazine.

Price of fall decorations...$0.00
Price of new accent tables...$0.00
Value of hearing my Hubby tell me how nice our home looks...PRICELESS!!!

This truly is the good the life!

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Renee said...

Your decorations are frugal and lovely!