Monday, August 3, 2009

The Dog Days Of Summer

It's just been such a hot summer that all the dogs want to do is
curl up on the patio and sleep beneath the ceiling fan.
Frankly, I don't blame them!


Joan said...

My dogs are the same way only they come in the house and spread eagle on the tile! We need a break from this heat!

I have been curious about that cornbread salad. I have heard of it many times but never knew if I thought it sounded good or not. I like everything in it but not sure if I liked it together. What did your family think of it?

Keeper of our Home said...

Joan ~
I was not too sure of the cornbread salad before tasting it, but it was tasty. It's a dish that both Hubby & DS both light up for when they hear I'm making it. They love it.

~Mrs. M

Simply Heart And Home said...

Those puppies have the right idea!