Sunday, April 26, 2009

Our Priceless Family Jewel

As I was re-organizing the kitchen this afternoon, I decided I needed a better way to store a few of my cookbooks. I have some in baskets, some on the bottom shelf of our bakers rack & I have part of my Gooseberry patch collection on the bookshelves in the kitchen island. Granted, I don't have all of my cookbooks on display as there are w--a--y too many of them for that, but there are a few that I like to keep out for aesthetics if nothing else. One such cookbook is a dear treasure to our family. It is a cookbook from our Meemaw & Pawpaw's Church. The book dates back to 1984 and has a ton of great recipes in it including one's from Meemaw & Pawpaw. That in itself makes it priceless!

Each one of Meems & Pawpaw's children had gotten copies of this book when it was first published, and as the years have gone by, this little book has become a treasure that none will part with. In fact, the only way we obtained our copy was because of our dear Aunt's passing several years ago. Not that this is how we ever wanted to get our personal copy, but it just goes to show how precious it is to our family. This truly is our priceless family jewel.

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