Sunday, March 1, 2009

Love Dare - Day 3 *Revisited*

As you know I was not able to complete Day 3's Love Dare until Day 4. But it dawned on me that I didn't share my "I was thinking of you" gift for hubby. Had it been something personal or intimate I think you would understand my not sharing. But since it was something that he has been wanting since we moved to our home over a year ago, I thought it was a perfect gift for him.

Dear hubby has been in need and want of a new work bench for the garage. He really wanted to build his own but with work and life in general he just hasn't had the time. So when he saw this bench and remarked at how much he liked it, I knew this was "THE" gift I wanted to get him. We still need to rearrange our garage as we have his Mother's things as well as some of my Mother's belongings stored in there. One day as time gives way for it, hubby plans to organize it the way he needs and wants it to be. Then he can focus on using his bench as he desires.


Sarah said...

Great gift! I bet he was surprised!

Did you change your blog name?

Hope you're getting some rest - gardening is restful and relaxing in my book! I can't WAIT for spring around here but it seems so far off - below zero this morning. Wish we could grow blueberries too.

(sigh) Why do I live in this state again?

To Have & To Hold said...

Yes, I did change the name. I felt the LORD directing me to do so. I hope this didn't affect you in finding me.

Gardening is such a relaxing thing and I am so looking forward to seeing things grow and produce.

mrshester said...

What a wonderful gift, I'm sure he is going to enjoy that immensely!