Sunday, August 3, 2014

Shopping Spree Saturday

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I started out by going to an Estate Sale and found 4 beautiful swags. One of the event hosts remembered us from another sale, so I was able to get a huge discount! More like a you call it and that's what you'll pay + 30% off price! Yeah, GOD blessed me there. 

Photo: The treasures you find at Goodwill....GOD'S Word in Vietnamese.
Next stop the resale store....oh my this was a big store!! Found 3 cute items that were unnecessary necessities. As well as a plain evergreen wreath that I can decorate to my taste for CHRISTmas. Yep, that was another bargain event. Something I found will perusing the aisles was a Bible. But it's not just any Bible, it's GOD'S Word in Vietnamese. How neat is that!?!

Finally it was a stop by Petco. Although the girls didn't get to go as they were with their Grandpa, I still had to run in and pick up birthday presents for a special little girl who is turning not one paw, not two paws but 3 paws old this week! Oh how time flies. Our baby girl is getting so grown up.

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