Friday, March 14, 2014

The "Sinner"

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This 'sinner' walks into Church...some in the congregation look down upon & talk about (I mean 'pray' for) the poor, lost sinner. Yet forgetting they have sin of their own. Oh wait, their sin isn't as bad as this poor chap, so theirs is ok.

The same 'sinner' walks into a club & has a drink while listening to some good music. While there a patron begins to befriend the other person. Both patrons ...
are enjoying themselves. The sinner, being a little looser but not drunk, begins to really talk with the other patron. Before you know it, the two leave & go to the next door pancake house to really talk. One thing leads to another & the patron begins to tell the sinner that although they don't do the 'religion' thing, they do know that there is a God who loves them and may not always be visible but is always there no matter the situation. The two become friends & after eating, go about their way. The 'sinner' feels like a weight has been lifted some & over the course of days begins to read their Bible.

God will search you out wherever you are & meet you right where your at. While I'm not bashing Church folk, I am simply reminding that God will use that which others would deem un-usable.

We ALL have sinned & fallen short of grace but God doesn't turn His back on us or talk about us behind our back (or to our face.) People will fail you...but God never will.