Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Long Road Home

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They say the road to home is always longest. Over the past couple years, I have journeyed down a road that I never thought I would have been on. But life....yes, always has a way of throwing detours and even road blocks in ones way. As we travel we can either become discouraged and simply give up. We may become angry and bitter at circumstances we are facing that we didn't feel were deserved, especially since they were never asked for. 

It's never easy to travel that road, especially when you are going it alone. Yes, you may have family, friends or loved ones supporting you, but ultimately it is your road to travel to alone. No one can understand the inner turmoil, stress, fears, joy or relief that you experience along the way & at times you are thankful that they don't. 

As I reflect upon the many stops I faced along the way of life, I can see the LORD was always there. At the time, I may not have been able to 'see' HIM but HE was always there...and still is. In retrospect, I am thankful now for the places I have been and for who I am because of them. Along the way, I encountered those that would come into my life for a time and a season, as well as those who would remain in my life indefinitely. I am grateful for each one as you learn not only about their colors, but it helps one to enhance their own inner colors. 

While there will still be detours and potholes along the way, I have never been more happy than I am now. It may have taken longer than I would have liked & taken me off the beaten path, but finding my way back 'home' has been the most rewarding, fulfilling place ever known. Home is not just walls and a roof, home is where you are truly accepting of yourself. A place where your focus is not on pleasing others & leaving yourself to the side. Home is a place where you have inner peace. Home is where you and your Heavenly Father are as one as one can be. 

There really is no place like home...For home is truly where the heart is. 


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Sandra said...

So true, I couldn't agree more. There really is nothing like home :)