Monday, June 17, 2013

Hong Kong Market

A few times a year I like to take a visit to the Hong Kong Market...and today was one of those days. No matter how many times I visit, there are always new things to explore. 

If you need rice...of any kind...they certainly have it!
I love looking at the dinnerware and serve ware....
always my favorite spot in the store.

Indian idea what it taste like or how you cook it 
but this is on my list of things to learn about. 
The bumpiness of it makes it so beautiful!

Jackfruit anyone!?!

Every kind of noodle you can think's here!

The mixture of all the seasonings next to each other 
make this aisle one of the most aromatic spots in the whole place!

Ramen, name it....that's alot of soup!

Ok, this is the best place to get a Banh Mi sandwich. 
I can't make a trip here without picking up a few.

A few goodies I picked up during my shopping trip....
 I love my's so pretty.
Of course I had to get my Banh Mi...
this one is the meatball
 And this is the special mix...


Mrs. B, a very peculiar person said...

There are only two conveniences I've found I miss since moving to the Montana prairie ...
1) full service car washes
2)EASY access to ethnic foods!

Sounds like you enjoyed your day - your photos made me a little home-sick.

Dixie Lee's Mama said...

I know about missing some of the "luxuries" but then what you give up also makes up for it in other ways