Saturday, February 16, 2013

Help Needed

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  Disabled Veteran Asks for Public Support to Keep Dutch from being Euthanized 
What would you do if, for no reason at all, someone came and started punching you in the face and kept punching you until their hands hurt so bad they couldn't hit you anymore, after which they grab a metal pole and used the pole to beat you. Then they pull you from into the house by your collar, and grabbing you by your mouth as soon as they got inside. You would defend yourself just Dutch did. The difference being, we have hands that we can use to make a fist and try to punch back with or our feet to kick with. Dutch only has the use of his teeth to defend himself. To say that one's life should be terminated because of self defense is asinine! The bitch that beat him is NOT the victim in this situation....DUTCH and his family are. You have no idea how ANGRY I am right now!!! This is proof of how screwed up society and the so called 'justice' system truly are.

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