Monday, January 21, 2013


Last month I went to a CHRISTmas open house at a local antique store. I had been there a few weeks before, and saw a dresser that I fell in love with. Well, being as I am, I hated to part with money, so I didn't buy it. I did look at it pretty hard though.

As it would happen, when I went back for the open house, there sat the dresser. This time it was on sale for a small percentage off. I contemplated it but decided against spending any extra money.Wouldn't you just know that the dealer of this particular item was present and saw me admiring it. We got to talking and one thing lead to another....needless to say, she gave me a really great offer that I couldn't refuse.
So here is my new lovely. It's in almost perfect condition. There's only a minor scratch near the foot of the dresser and a water ring style stain on the top of the dresser. The water ring can be easily sanded and re-varnished, so that's not a big issue.
I love the hide away style top drawer. How cool is this...the mirror is the original mirror and it's in great shape!

Here are some of the markings on the piece. We did a little reasearch on it & although it isn't as old as we would have liked it to be, it's still a great piece of solid wood furniture, that was a great price. The dovetail joints were also a big attraction to me. I just love my new dresser.

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