Monday, December 17, 2012

Day 17 -- My CHRISTmas wish list...

We all know someone (or a few someones) who will put on their best game face in public to try & make others think they are something they're not. They try to 'fake them out' with their acts of nicety, their words of grandiose design, they even change the pitch of their voice & and put a forced smile on their face to make it more effective. All the while their true thoughts are that of selfishness, mockery, jealousy, lies & deceit. But for a few brief moments they try & dupe you with their well played facade. Behind closed doors...the 'real' them is once again let out of it's cage. The better than thou attitude once again is exhibited. The unfiltered, unjustified words of angst against others, including those they just tried to fool, are spewed out like running water. No one is exempt from being their target of ill design. GOD is still on the throne & JESUS came for the salvation of all...For those & others that walk that path, let us hold them up in prayer that the LORD will touch their hearts & a true change will take place within & peace can finally reign in their spirit. May we also pray for wisdom when encountering persons of this nature. When one is so miserable inside they can't see the true beauty that peace can give. When you became born again, GOD made you a new creation. Remember your own past? Remember where HE pulled you from? Bridge the gap for those just might be the only person who will.

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