Sunday, September 9, 2012

Whiskey Myers

If you haven't heard of Whiskey Myers before, you are certainly missing out on a taste of Texas Red Dirt music. We have been fans of the band for some time now & love their style. So when we heard they were coming to our area again, we knew this was one of those "gotta mark the calendar" events. I'm not one for the 'bar' scene but I do enjoy music so it was something I was willing to visit in order to see the band. I had a great time, however, as I watched all the young girls & even some older ones (which not all of them should have been...I'm just sayin') out on the dance floor sporting their boots and daisy duke shorts, it got me to thinking...maybe it's time to bust out my daffy ducks and show them how it's really done! LOL Seriously though...we had a blast.

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