Friday, September 28, 2012

Before & After - Kitchen Corner Make Over

Back in February, my parents gave me a set of red cast iron pots for Valentine's Day. Unfortunately, I didn't have proper room to store them or showcase their beauty. So in between uses, they were either stored in the oven or on the floor next to my baker's rack. I love my cast iron, but this just wasn't cutting it for me. Well, the other day my Mom told me about something that she spied over at the local Marshall's department store. When I saw I fell in love with it.
So thanks to Mom & Marshall's, my treasured beauties now have a home of their own. Today as I finally put my Fall decorations out around the house, I was even able to add a little Fall touch to my stand as well. Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures to post after it was decorated. I just adore my kitchen corner make over.

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