Friday, June 15, 2012

Around The House

It's that time again...well, for me it is. Time to clean and rearrange things around the house. I've been told/asked before, why do you move your furniture around every so often. Well, it's simple....first of all, when I move things around it allows me to be able to clean underneath things, so that's a given. But, also because it gives your home a new look and doesn't cost a thing. Now that's frugal decorating to me. Not to mention the sense of accomplishment you feel by knowing that you are making the most of your home and the resources already in it.

By simply adding or changing my table linens, the dining room brings on a whole new look fresh for summertime.

My 'office' was in desperate need of a good straightening to put it nicely. Everything has once again been filed in it's proper place and now it's back to a clean open space that welcomes you to sit down and write, read or whatever needs to be done.

It's not even fully summertime yet but our temperatures are steadily rising. So instead of avoiding the sun and staying indoors to beat the heat, I found this 8 x 11 yard canopy at Big Lots. So for $30 I now have a nice shady place to sit and drink a glass of iced tea when I want to enjoy the beauty of nature. It was super easy to set up and will be just as easy to take down when in-climate weather arises.

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