Saturday, February 25, 2012

Raising The Bar To Heights Beyond Compare

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In the course of life, it's common place to notice differences in individuals. I'm not referring to aesthetic differences, but that of character & moral value. We all have a tendency to wear many masks when interacting with others. We want whomever it is that we are encountering at the moment to come away thinking we are who we have portrayed ourselves to be. All the while, it is a fake persona. In time your 'true' person comes out only to shatter the image that you tried to make others believe you to be. The thing is...they already saw through the facade & could see that you were trying to hide something. But alas, the light will always reveal the hidden man that darkness tried to cover.

But then there are those individuals who, regardless of the situation they encounter, are exactly who they matter what. Sometimes for the good; sometimes not so much. But there is one individual that GOD has blessed my life with that I am so thankful for. This person is the same always...regardless the situation. Their moral character is far above anyone I have ever known. The faithfulness they show to family, friends & loved ones alike is uncompromising. Just being in this person's presence is a gift in itself. When I look in my heart, I know without a doubt that I don't ever want my life to not have this person in it. I know that they are a true GOD send. There's not a day that goes by that they're not in my thoughts. Time can't move quick enough until the next time I get to spend time with this person. Even in a hundred years, no one could come close to this person. This person has set the bar so high that no one could ever reach it or even begin to compare. I earnestly hope that each of you are blessed to have someone like my best friend in your own life. 

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