Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Old or The New.....The Choice to Change is Yours

There comes a time in every one's life where it is necessary to look back over the events of your past and re-evaluate things. If we look at things with honesty and an open mind, we'll find that the choices we made in different situations resulted in either good or poor outcomes. The problem we run into is that the first time we err it's a 'mistake' the next time it happens (regarding the same type of situation) it's no longer a now becomes a 'choice.'

The choices we made then & now can affect our future in a grander scheme than we might realize. When we repeatedly make the same 'choices' life can become stressful, overwhelming and lacking in joy. These 'choices' can also become very detrimental to your own mental, spiritual, emotional and even at times physical well being.

So how do you stop repeating history and make a new chapter in your life? It sounds like it would be easy to just 'choose' a new way to handle things, but if we don't get to the real root of what makes us do what we do, then the repetitive actions will never change. The answer is not always easy. Old habits and old thought patterns are hard to break but if we look deeper into what triggers are ingrained in us, it is then and only then that we can start the road of new life.

What is it that truly has us bound to these old patterns? Whatever it is, we need to let go of it before we can move on. Old thinking and old beliefs that were branded into us from our childhood, our teen years, our adulthood or whatever the case may be can hold us in bondage until we learn to recognize them for what they are...chains that the enemy is using against us. There is nothing that Satan would love more than to have you held down by chains of negative words that may have been spoken over you as a child, or ill actions that were done to you over the course of your life. Regardless of what was spoken or done to you, the main thing you need to remember is that you are more valuable than what the ignorance or jealousy of others have spewed out upon you.

Did you ever hear the statements "you're so ugly," "you'll never amount to anything," "your just like your mother/father...I hated him/her and I hate you too," "no one is ever going to love you," "you don't deserve _______ (fill in the blank)."

When someone says ugly, hurtful things to you or acts out toward you in a spiteful manner (that is unwarranted) the problem isn't that what they are saying or doing is stems from something they themselves are dealing with. It could be an issue of jealousy on their part. Regardless of the reasoning behind their crass behavior we don't have to fall prey to believing the lies told to us. We have the choice to accept their ignorance as fact or move past it and see things for how they truly are.

Beliefs & thought patterns that don't serve us need to be let go of in order for us to move on. Once we realize that the words and actions of others don't matter to us because we know the truth, life will fall into a clearer perspective. Unnecessary self doubts will no longer hinder us. The joy we once had (or maybe never had) will return. Or self confidence will begin to rise and life itself will become easier to live. How do we fully let go? We give our self permission to release the bondage of the thoughts & emotions that held us back.

Begin erasing the tape recordings of repeated words, stories or actions that cause us to fall into the trap of old thinking and wrong choices that hinder us. Accept yourself for who you really are and not that of who others have made you feel as if you are because of their wrong thinking. You can't fix the wrong thinking or curt actions of others but you don't have to let the snares of the enemy trap you any longer.


annie said...

Amen, now help me Lord to do it!

Ronda said...

Oh sister is this a good one!
I just love reading what you write!
Yet it is so obvious (to me anyway) that things such as this must come from...personal happenings and then having gained such deep insight!

I always seem to be able to relate and then put something you have shared...into my own practical application! Thanks Sweet Nichole!

Love Ya!