Friday, July 1, 2011

Out Of The Fire & Into The Son -- Part 1

It's been awhile since I "really" posted an update on my blog. Yes, I have shared a few quips, tips & other miscellaneous items but nothing to really shake a stick at. As some of you may have noticed, my blog has undergone some changes over the past year or two. As much as one tries to focus on one venue, the road we travel sometimes leads us down a different avenue. Life has a funny way of bringing things to us and from us on a daily basis, but it is up to us to decide how we are going to handle what comes our way.

othing in life stays the same and sometimes the more things look like they are the same, that's when we realize how much things are actually changing. We may or may not welcome these changes, but the LORD can & will use any life event to teach us, to train us, to mold us and even restore us. The trials are sometimes bittersweet but nonetheless, we have to look beyond the immediate to recognize the long term value of it. Look at Shadrach, Meschach and Abednigo (Daniel 1-3)....the immediate would look like the fire would consume them, but when the guards looked in and saw four men instead of three and none were bound as when they were initially when they thrown into the furnace, we know that there was a great victory learned. First, there was the visual victory that showed the king that JESUS is bigger than your problem and then there would be the spiritual/inner victory. I would think it safe to assume that the three men felt victorious on the inside knowing that their faith in the LORD during this situation would be a treasured testimony to help them in any circumstance they may encounter in the future as well.

It is only our faith and trust in the LORD that can help us keep our focus on the greater victory while we are enduring what may seem like hell at the moment. It has been my faith, my family and my close friends that have all stood with me through the fire of the past year that have been my saving grace and source of strength. Without these, I honestly don't know how I would have made it...emotionally, mentally or spiritually. For this, and much more I want to say thank you to each and every one of them.

The past year and half has brought about many changes in my life, along with lessons learned. Until now I have not shared much of my personal life in the past, as I did not feel it was pertinent at the time. However, the LORD has prompted me that now is the time to open up a bit. Possibly there is one (or more) of my readers out there that the LORD is going to minister to through my writing, therefore I will follow as the LORD leads.

Years of strain can take a toll on a person(s), but more so the unwillingness of change can break down any it a friendship, with co-workers, family or even a marriage. Regardless of the efforts put in by one or the other (sometimes even by both) there are just some things that can not be resolved. It can certainly be disheartening when a relationship comes to a close, but as with anything, there is a time and a season to everything. Just because a relationship ends doesn't mean that you have to dwell on the bad things that became of it or that of the person or persons involved. No matter how bad or tumultuous a relationship becomes, always think back...there was something at one point that drew you to that person to begin with. It's up to us to choose to think on those good things.

Going through the trials and hardship of divorce will open your eyes and your heart to things you never would have dreamed of. Hidden actions can be uncovered...suppressed feelings might be unleashed....secrets can be revealed....words can be tossed around without thought to the consequence or hurt they will cause....tempers may flare....friends may be lost....families torn apart....sides may be taken....rumors and untruths may be spread.... Divorce is not pretty no matter how amicable it is. Regardless of the circumstance and situation set before you, always keep your eyes and heart focused on the LORD. Jeremiah 29:11 "For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. " We won't always know what lies ahead in our journey but if we put our hope & trust in the LORD we know that we will reach the other side of that mountain and that good things will be waiting for us. Will they manifest immediately? To the natural eye, most times not...but in the supernatural...oh boy, GOD has a lot in store for us if we just hold fast.

As I began to embark upon my new life, I realized that I was not the same person I was before. Life has a way of changing people, and truth be known, people have a way of changing us. Sometimes for the better and sometimes...well, not so much. Again, it's all up to us on how we let those changes affect us. However, I had grown quite a bit as an individual. There have been physical changes, emotional changes, spiritual changes, changes in interests, etc. Things that once held me bound during marriage are peeling off layer by layer. Now don't misunderstand, I'm not talking about being bound in marriage by my wedding vows, it's much different & deeper than that. But alas, the metamorphosis is still taking shape. One day as I was sitting on my sofa talking with a friend an old memory was brought to mind that made me smile on the inside. It was a simple little thing, but to me it was huge. As the days and weeks passed, more and more things would come to mind or something would happen to trigger an old feeling or interest I once had before I married. It was at this point I realized that I had lost who I really was because I had to be the person I was 'expected' to be in my marriage. But now, finally...the real me was trying to resurface...and you know what? I like it....I like, I love me & so does GOD. After all, HE created me and formed who I am. So if HE accepts me for who HE made me to be then why shouldn't I be the woman HE purposed me to be?!?


ohiofarmgirl said...

I am sure that was very difficult to share and I know you will be blessed for it. I am not going through divorce but something just as painful and I do understand how things change..and change..and change. Praying the best for you. Dianntha

ohiofarmgirl said...

I do understand how painful that was for you to share and although I am not going through a divorce I am facing a difficult time. I know you will be blessed! Dianntha