Monday, April 25, 2011

Serene Sunday

(before my sewing/craft supplies were moved in)

(my favorite daybed girlie girl spare bedroom)

Sometimes the most enjoyable pleasures are the simplest of things & today proved true to that. This evening I was finally able to get the time to thoroughly clean (and I do mean clean) and scrub the carpet in my front bedroom. I still have work left to do in there, but it has been transformed into my sewing/craft room. The closet is empty and just waiting for me to organize my crafting supplies and tuck them away in there. Maybe tomorrow I will be able to get that accomplished. My sewing machine is set nicely in front of the window so I can see the great outdoors while I am busy working away on my project of choice. I re-purposed an entertainment cabinet that I had by using it as a storage for my fabrics & other sewing notions. Because it was designed for the large flat panel t.v., it is almost perfect height to use as a fabric cutting table. But since my chair can be lowered, this will work out just fine.

The hall bathroom was in definite need of a deep cleaning, so that was the next project that I tackled. There's nothing better than a clean & fresh bathroom to walk into. I still need to reorganize my linen closet in there but that will be another day. For now, everything else has been scrubbed & wiped down to a sparkling clean shine. Fresh towels and bathmats helped to complete the feel.

Then there's my favorite room...the girlie girl spare bedroom. I decorated it in pink/white/black with the most adorable shabby chic comforter on the daybed. I just love it in there. I want to paint and hang some art work (some of which is on the shelf in the above photo) to really "girl" it up in there. But for today, it was a day of moving things around to vacuum really well. Just laying there on the daybed listening to the sound of was the greatest sound of all. It was the sound of a welcomed friend.

I have more spring cleaning to do around my home but for now I am going to savor the work that has been done. Tomorrow is another day and the "to do" list is still growing, but tomorrow is another day!

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