Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Home: A Place Where I Belong

What is a "home?" It has often been defined as the place in which one's domestic affairs are centered. It can also be described as the dwelling place or retreat of an animal. Regardless of how you define it, home conjures up many feelings in all of us; some good some bad and some indifferent.

Some homes are judged on their appearance; if they don't meet another's ideals then it's not a real home. Yet others may drive by & remark at how beautiful a simple, wood framed home with the dilapitaing shutters may be. Does it really matter what the outside world considers the true definition of home means? No, not at all. Home is what you make of it. Home can be anything from four walls to a feeling you hold dear in your heart.

When you open your home to another, be it for a meal, for a game night with friends or for a place of safety, what feeling do others get? Do they feel comfortable enough to kick their shoes off and open the icebox to get a snack? Or do they feel like every move they make is being scrutinized? What scents welcome them when they walk in? Is it the aroma of a sweet smelling candle or something cooking in the oven? Or is it the fragrance of sterility that says, this home is for "show" only?

I don't know what you want your home to say to others, but no matter who passes through my door, I want them to know they are welcome for who they are. To know that they will not be judged but accepted. I want them to feel that my home is one where it truly feels right to walk around without shoes.

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Shocked and Awed said...

I just love you to death! What a lovely sentiment, and a good lesson for all of us - even the grouches among us!