Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Value Of Life

Regardless of anyone's stance on the issue....NO ONE needs to go through this. Just because someone may not fit "your" way of thinking shouldn't mean that they should be made to feel as if they are worthless as an individual. When will love over ride prejudices....


Caroline said...

Oh this makes me so sad. Regardless of our differences, we are all God's children.

I remember I said something that is perceived by a certain group as hurtful, and someone stopped me and explained to me why. It was extremely uncomfortable fore me because I always try to take care and select the words I speak carefully - I felt terrible. They truly saw me as a careless and hurtful person because of one word I used. They related a story to me of just how hurtful that word can be to someone who is struggling and I have never forgottn their story. No matter what your views are and how different your values may be from your neighbor, it is never acceptable to intentionally cause pain to someone.

Change is needed in the hearts of our youth and God is the one to bring this change.

Much love.

Mrs. B, a very peculiar person said...

I certainly do not condone bullying. Throughout my entire public school education process, elementary through high school, I suffered non-stop excessive bullying (and I was just an average, ordinary kid). Until I was a sophmore in high school, my way of trying to deal with it was by fighting back - I now become embarrased recalling the number of physical fights I got into throughout my education. But what NO one realized is that under the fighting, the school detentions, the expulsions from the school bus, etc. was a girl desperately trying to make the bullying stop.

No matter how many witnesses testified that I did NOT start the fights - did not throw the 1st punch, no matter how much I begged for some adult to intervene, it all fell upon deaf ears. I remember from the time I was in fourth grade until high school graduation, I thought about suicide EVERY SINGLE DAY.

By the time I was graduated from high school my self esteem was so beaten down, I could not even recognize a photograph of myself - the hidious deformaty I saw in a mirror did not even remotely resemble actual photos taken of me. I walked with my head bowed down and my hair covering my face, so no one would see the horribly ugly being that I saw when I looked in the mirror. I now fight back tears when see photos (there aren't many, as I avoided cameras) of myself when I was young. I cry because I was geniunely a beautiful girl who who had been so tormented by her peers and family that she only saw a twisted mass of horror everytime she looked in the mirror.

I will absolutely will not condone a lifestyle the Bible refers to as an abomination unto God. Nor, will I ever condone bullying. I know all to well from personal experience how devastating it is to a person's life. The homosexual community and those struggling with gender idenity need to be ministered to, not driven to suicide.

These news reports are sad, heartbreakingly sad.