Monday, August 9, 2010


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Each day brings with it new challenges and opportunities...some good, some not so good. You awake with a sense of hope...a sense of expectation...but alas in the natural it seems as if all hope is gone, but just because you may not see it in the natural doesn't mean that GOD isn't working on your behalf in the supernatural.

When things don't seem to be working out as fast as we would like them too, that's when we need to step back and evaluate ourselves. Is GOD taking too long to fix the situation or are we not at the place that HE needs us to be to fully be able to work? Are we still secretly trying to "fix" it our self instead of fully letting go and letting GOD? Are we standing on our faith and confessing the answer or are we speaking unbelief and doubt because of what we see in the natural?

t's not always easy to stand in faith and press on when things don't look any different than they did before, but that's exactly when we need to trust GOD the most. When you have given all you can and have done all you know to do, and it feels like you can't go on another day, that's when you need to stand your ground against the enemy and just stand ~ stand in faith!

GOD is faithful and just. HE will watch over HIS Word but we can't expect HIM to move on our behalf if we confess negative thoughts and words that are contrary to HIS Word. If HE said HE will do it, then trust HIM at HIS Word that HE will do it. Will it be done on our time schedule? More often than not, no....GOD does things in HIS time and for HIS glory. It's not easy to wait but sometimes we have to. GOD is never late but always right on time.

old fast to the promises of GOD and don't loose heart. Every idle word that comes out of your mouth has power behind it, so be careful what you confess over your situation. When you feel discouraged don't just say what you feel, confess the answer. Say what GOD would have you say over your situation or circumstance. Proverbs 18:21 (The Message Bible) "Words kill, words give life; they're either poison or fruit—you choose."

Never give up, HE is always there....remember GOD is always by your side.

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Mrs. B, a very peculiar person said...

As I was reading this post, my daughter, OG, was singing a song with the following words
"Never give up, cause He's always there,
Never give up any time any where,
Remember God is always on your side."

Hummmmm, I wonder, is the Lord is trying tell me something? .... Mrs.B