Tuesday, July 27, 2010

What Are You Doing With The Lord's Provision?

The weather report spoke of an impending storm that was heading straight toward a certain coastal town. All the residents of this community were told to prepare to batten down the hatches as it looked like it was going to be a rough one. As everyone scurried around buying supplies, someone noticed that their neighbor hadn't gotten anything for himself. In concern, the neighbor asked the man, "Bob, why is it that you haven't started preparing for the storm?" He replied, "The LORD will take care and provide for me and my family."

The next day the weather report stated that the storm had grown in intensity and this town was in certain path of a full blown category 5 hurricane. The community officials sent out notice to all it's residents that they needed to evacuate immediately. Roads began filling with motorists heading out for higher and safer land. As Bob's neighbor packed the family van, he noticed Bob sitting on his front porch in a rocking chair. The neighbor approached Bob and said, "Why are you just sitting here on the porch? aren't you going to pack up your family and head for safer grounds?" Bob again replied, "The LORD will take care and provide for me and my family."

Hours passed and the weather began to get extremely hairy. Roads were beginning to hold water and the bay waters were rising beyond their banks. The emergency management crews were sent out in military style rescue vehicles to help evacuate anyone that might be left in their homes that still needed to evacuate. When they reached Bob's home and offered to evacuate his family to safety, he declined and said, "The LORD will take care and provide for me and my family."

Flood waters were rising into the homes of the community. The winds were blowing so fierce that trees were being toppled down as if they weighed nothing. The Coast Guard was sent out in boats, as it was the only way to maneuver along the residential streets now. They were sent to search for any remaining people and get them to safety. They found Bob and his family at their home. The flood waters had already entered their home and the only lights they had were candles as the power had been knocked out. The Coast Guard tried to get Bob to allow them to take his family to safety but he refused and said, "The LORD will take care and provide for me and my family."

In just a few short hours water had engulfed Bob's home. He and his family were forced to crawl out of the attic window and climb atop the roof in attempt to escape the rising water. Amidst the battering winds, rain and thunder Bob heard a strange sound. He looked towards the sky and saw an emergency response team's helicopter. The rescue crew lowered a man down to help bring Bob and his family safely into the helicopter so they could get them out of this dangerous situation. Bob would have nothing of it. He simply replied, "The LORD will take care and provide for me and my family." Having no other choice, the rescue team left Bob and his family as he requested. Moments later the waters rushed and covered their entire home. Bob and his family drowned.

The next thing Bob saw when he opened his eyes was judgment throne of the LORD. Bob was very upset and told the LORD, "LORD, why did You let my family and I die? I trusted in You to take care of us and provide for us, but instead You let us all drown."

The LORD looked straight at Bob and said, "I did take care and provide for you and your family. I sent you a rescue vehicle, a boat and finally a helicopter. What did you expect ME to do, just reach down and hand deliver you to safety? I sent you the provision, but you kept turning it down and found any excuse not to take what I was giving you."

There are people who say they are trusting GOD to do something on their life, only to use every excuse in the book not to accept it when it comes along. The LORD can figuratively hand it to them on a plate but yet they make excuses and blow it off. Then they wonder why the LORD hasn't provided for them. Just because it may not come in the exact package that you think and want it to come in, don't blow off what the LORD is using to care for and provide for you. Take it and run with it, all the while thanking the LORD for blessing you with it.


Mrs.B said...

What a wonderful post. I needed that this morning!

In HIS care,

Barbara said...

This is such a great post, yes our lord provides through people, most of our blessings and our provisions come from others, like he told Bob what did you expect me to reach down and move you, yeah we miss lots by not leaning on others at times. Hugs dear and thank you for this post, blessed my heart.

Mrs. B, a very peculiar person said...

I've heard this story before - thanks for posting it as a reminder to all of us that God uses PEOPLE to bless, provide and care for His children.
the other Mrs.B