Sunday, July 11, 2010


I just read this article, from the Washington Post last month, about a pumpkin shortage. Have you heard anything of this? It was news to me.


Grammy Blick said...

From what I've seen of weather patterns, we might want to break out our sweet potato pie recipes for this fall. We have one can left from last winter -- maybe I ought to get an eBay account!

Barbara said...

Well I know we had really bad and destroying weather all over the Country, so that could be a possibility, I personally have not heard anything though. I do love Pumpkin pie too, I know the watermelons are not doing good here this year, not sure about the pumpkins.

connie said...

I heard this last fall that due to so much rain that most of the crops had rotted on the vine. I did buy about 3 cans for my cookies etc in the fall Just in case.