Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Power Of Ten

How can "Ten" be powerful? When it's in your pocketbook instead of someone else!!! There are many ways to save a penny, a dollar and even more. All it takes is a little change in your normal routine to start adding cash back into your pocket. Here's ten things that you can do right off the bat...
1. Eat at home -- take your lunch to work instead of eating out. Meal plan ahead of time to have dinner plans made in advance (this helps to stop those last minute meal crunches that end up in ordering take out food).

2. Thrift Stores -- check these first when looking for a new outfit or what have you. You never know what treasure you can find and at a rock bottom price.

3. Washing your Laundry -- wash in cold water instead of hot. This helps reduce the gas or electric consumption to heat your water.

4. Drying -- most of us are facing those warmer temperatures outside, so why not make use of it and hang your clothes out to dry.

5. Washing Dishes -- do you really have to run your dishwasher or could you just as easily fill a plastic basin or tub with wash water and clean?

6. Watering the Plants -- you just finished washing the dishes for the night so use that dishwater to water the plants. It may not be enough to water everything you have, but it will certainly help out.

7. Gas -- combine your errands and shopping trips to the market to help reduce the amount of fuel your vehicle will use. Carpool if you can to help even further. If your close enough to where you are going, why not ride your bike to the library or to the market (this is if you know you aren't going to be buying more than you can safely handle on the bike ride back home).

8. Shop at Home First -- do you really have to go to the market or are there hidden gems in the pantry that you haven't used yet? Start moving things around on the shelf or in the freezer...you might just find that your cupboards aren't as bare as you thought they were.

9. A/C -- while I agree that there are some areas of the country that the temperatures are so unbearable in the summer that this may not be conducive, but if you can....turn the A/C off and open the windows. Not only will you save money on the electric bill, but it will give the house a chance to air out.

10. Coupons & Savings -- don't go shopping without them. For every penny or dollar saved on your total grocery order, transfer that amount to your savings account. You'll be surprised how much that will add up over time.
Now it's your turn...what are ten ways that you have to help save money?


Catherine Anne said...

Great post

Anonymous said...

Good advice, Mrs. M! Thanks for sharing!

~Kristi (Calico Prairie)