Monday, May 24, 2010

Why On Earth Am I Doing It While It Is 90+ Degrees Out?

I asked myself that while I dripped with perspiration at 10 o'clock in the morning. But it's something that I have put off and needs to be heat or no heat, I'm going to tackle it. Yes, today I am going to start tearing apart each room (as energy levels permit) and deep clean the house. I normally try to do this in the Fall as it is much cooler than the Spring to do it, but I am either way behind on Spring or way early on Fall. I am leaning toward it being a mixture of both.

(Phase 1 -- The Living Room)
We recently had to let one of our Rat Terriers in the house as she was not faring well outside with the big dogs. They get along great but one is such a glutton that he eats everyone's food and the Rat Terrier was starving because of him. So now with 2 small-ish dogs in the house along with the 3 can safely bet that I am not enjoying this at all!!! love my animals but I will say, I enjoy clean more, so it has been an everyday battle with pet hair, cat litter and to my odors. Hubby says he can't smell anything but to my nose....GROSS!!! So it's time to take the rugs out and give them a good wash as best I can, wipe down walls and baseboards and just make it as fresh as I can. I doubt I'll get the entire house done this week in between life and other things I need to take care of, but I am going to give it my best to get as much as possible accomplished. So if my postings are a bit scarce this week, you will know why.

**Note to self....hang the rug out on the line before you get it makes things lighter and much easier to maneuver.


Teacups95 said...

Mrs. M:

I also am a Fall cleaner by default. Fall and Winter is my best time to do all of my heavy cleaning.Like you I also seem to smell things that Jim Dear does not.:> We have 1 dog, 4 cats, a parakeet, and a partridge in a pear tree... Karen in IN

Simply Heart And Home said...

I hope your weather turns a bit cooler for you to be able to work more comfortably.

It is time for me to wash my walls. What do you wash yours with?


Grammy Blick said...

Fall is a much better time to totally clean. But with two cats and two long haired Chihuahuas, daily is required. I've found the Pledge Fabric Sweepere for Pet Hair works as advertised. Amazing how much they shed that I don't notice until it's all gathered up.